FAQs for individuals looking for a psychotherapist

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I might be interested in psychotherapy. What should I look for in a therapist?

We’ve put together a handy guide of things you should look for in a therapist. Please have a look here: What to look for in a therapist


I have shortlisted a few psychotherapists through your site. Are they accredited professionals?

Only psychotherapists and counsellors who are accredited by professional bodies are allowed to list their services on our site. We also conduct sample spot checks to ascertain accreditation for therapists.

Whilst we take all reasonable care to ensure that all of the information relating to a particular professional listed in the profiles on our site is accurate, we must rely on those professionals providing accurate information to us. Where any of the information is found to be untrue or misleading, we will not be liable for any loss this may cause. If you find that any of the information relating to a professional listed on our site is inaccurate, please let us know by writing to us at customerservices@nsciencedirectory.com


What should I expect if I opt for therapy?

Experiences of being in therapy naturally differ greatly from one individual to another. Some find it very straightforward and natural to speak to another person about their emotional or mental health challenges; for others, talking about their difficulties may feel embarrassing or even painful. For a handy guide of what you could expect, please have a look here: What should I expect if I opt for therapy? 


How can I schedule an appointment with a psychotherapist?

Our site allows you to directly contact therapists through our online contact forms. When you fill out a contact form, you will receive an acknowledgement for form submission, and should normally expect to hear back from the therapist within 48 working hours.


If I register for a customer account is there a fee?

Our customer accounts are free, and if you register you will be able to take advantage of existing account features and new ones as we add them.

nscience | Therapists and Counsellors | Directory

FAQs for psychotherapists


Can you tell me more about nscience UK?

The nscience directory of psychotherapists, counsellors and psychologists is part of a new initiative by nscience UK – we are the UK’s fastest growing and most comprehensive provider of continuing professional development training programmes for mental health practitioners. With more than 500 CPD programmes conducted so far, professionals trust us to add to their knowledge base and to regularly add to their repertoire of therapeutic skills. Our mains site can be accessed here: www.nscience.uk


If I list my profile on your site, will you be contacting my professional membership bodies?

Yes, as part of ensuring that site users have access to the best professionals in the field, we conduct sample spot checks and are likely to contact your professional membership bodies in this context.


What content will I need to complete my listing?

You may want to prepare all of your listing content before starting your order process. Please see below for a complete list of content you will need:

  1. Title – this will be your full name and title – this will show at the top of your listing and on your thumbnail box on the search results
  2. Qualifications – list your qualifications
  3. Contact details – these include your location, contact number, email and website address (if you have one) and social profile links
  4. Listing description – describe your business in this section
  5. Profile photo – upload a square image (300px by 300px) for best results. Your image file size must not exceed 1MB
  6. Photos – you can add additional photos relating to your business or services in this section and they will show in the media section on your listing. Max upload size 2MB per photo – max 5 photos
  7. Videos (pro listing only) – you can add videos relating to your business in this section. Please use the YouTube or Vimeo sharing URL links
  8. Fee range – add your fee range
  9. Opening hours – add your hours of business
  10. Session options and what’s included – add further information about what your sessions typically include. You can explain your fee structure in more detail here
  11. Session types – select the type of sessions you offer
  12. Session clients – select the type of clients you offer services to
  13. Features – select any special features your business offers
  14. Expertise – select any of the subjects you have experience with. These will be visible on your listing
  15. Categories – select relevant categories you would like your business to appear in
  16. Member associations – select relevant member associations you belong to
  17. Publications – list any publications or articles you have written or had published


I have submitted my listing application. What happens next?

Our membership team reviews each application and may conduct sample spot checks to verify your membership status. We may also need to contact you for reviewing some of the entries on the initial profile listing. Subject to these checks, we aim to have your profile listed on our site within one week of your submission. Please note that a valid direct debit instruction must be received and activated before the profile listing is completed. Once your listing has been approved it will be published on our website and you will be able to access listing details in your account area.


My profile is now on your website, how can someone contact me?

When someone searches for your listed profile, they have the option of filling in a contact form that reaches you directly. Please note, that as per our committed service standards, we recommend that you should respond to all contact form queries within 48 hours of receipt.

Please also note that a valid direct debit instruction must be received and activated before the profile listing is completed.


I notice that my membership allows me up to 10% discount on nscience seminars and workshops. How do I avail of this discount?

When you sign up as a customer, you will receive a membership number in your welcome email. Please retain this number. You can input this number in your shopping cart when purchasing seminars, workshops, webinars and videos from our CPD site www.nscience.uk. The system will automatically calculate and apply a 7.5% discount for standard memberships and a 10% discount for pro memberships on your shopping cart total.


I would like to cancel my membership. How can I do that?

No problem, you can cancel your membership at any stage by providing us with one month’s advance notice. You can send a membership cancellation request by email to us at: customerservices@nsciencedirectory.com

This notice period is calculated from the next upcoming direct debit date. For example, if your monthly direct debit is set up for the 5th of every month and you let us know on say 11th Feb that you would like to cancel your membership, then the next direct debit date is 5th March and your services will be cancelled from 5th April onwards.


I have some questions about your site membership. Who can I get in touch with?

Please write to us at: customerservices@nsciencedirectory.com. We’ll be happy to help!