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Orpington, United Kingdom
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Counselling is a way of receiving support and insight in the way you are feeling. It offers you a safe and confidential environment to explore emotions and difficulties that may be impacting on your life. You will have the space and time to talk about your current concerns and be heard, and more importantly understood, without fear of judgement or disapproval.

Counselling has many benefits and over time can help you make sense of feelings and difficulties leading to greater awareness and understanding. In my experience people seek out a counsellor for many different reasons and for many different issues, however you may be wondering if seeing a counsellor will help you?

In answer to that question, all I can give you is the benefit of 10 years experience as a counsellor, and say – Yes! Therapy can indeed help, in fact it can be a powerful and life changing experience.

There are many different approaches to counselling and each can assist with bringing about understanding, awareness and change. I work as an integrative counsellor; which means I am trained to offer more than one type of therapy model and I will tailor the work to suit your needs. The therapy I offer may include theories such as;

Person-centred Counselling
Person-Centred Counsellors work from the philosophy that clients have all the resources necessary to know what is best for them. I will aim to create an environment for you to feel safe, accepted, respected and understood so that you can be in touch with your feelings and talk, without fear, about anything that concerns you. I hope to assist you with understanding you; and provide the necessary conditions for change.

Psychodynamic Counselling
The psychodynamic perspective believes in the role of the unconscious mind and how that can motivate our current behaviour. It looks at the influence of our childhood experiences and unresolved conflicts that can have a powerful effect on our lives now. These conflicts can appear in many ways but could be so threatening that they are out of our awareness, disguised in other ways. As a counsellor I aim to encourage an understanding of these historical events and relationships and provide insight into how we relate to others and ourselves in the present.

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT)
An approach to counselling that can help the client to learn techniques to better manage day-to-day life by changing the way you think and behave. CBT cannot take away your problems, but can help you manage them in a more positive way by encouraging you to examine how your actions can affect how you think and feel. Talking about and changing your behaviour can change how you think (cognitive) and what you do (behaviour). This can make you feel better about life and look more positively towards the future.

Couples Counselling – The Developmental Model
The Developmental Model recognises the normal and natural stages of relationships and the challenges they can bring. Problems and disillusionment eventually happen in almost every relationship; however, it is how you think about your problems, how you manage your feelings, where you focus your attention, and how you act and communicate under stress that will determine how you resolve conflict and move forward. Couples therapy offers an opportunity to explore your challenges to strengthen your relationship and, also offers an opportunity for individual development and growth.

At all times, the sessions are a time for you to explore your thoughts and feelings and follow the path you want to. I believe that the most important thing in counselling is the therapeutic relationship that will develop between us. I hope that you will feel heard and understood, in a non-judgemental way, and that you will experience me as a real and genuine person in this relationship.

I may ask questions to clarify and check that I have heard and understood you correctly. I will be accepting of what you tell me and I will often be very open with my feelings as I experience them. I may notice that what you are saying doesn’t seem to fit with how I am experiencing you. I might even notice these things out loud and use these times to enhance our work together.

Diploma in Therapeutic Counselling CPCAB, Accredited with the BACP
Anxiety, Couples Counselling, Depression, Family Dynamics, Grief and Loss, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), Relationship Counselling, Relationship Issues, Self-Harm, Sexual Abuse, Stress, Suicidal Thoughts, Trauma, Work Stress and Burnout
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