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Therapy and/or counselling is for anyone People come for therapy for all sorts of reasons, and in all sorts of states. And I meet all sorts of people in my consulting room. You don’t have to be ‘ill enough’ or ‘sane enough’ or ‘distressed enough’ to make use of therapy: you just have to want to come and talk… or even not talk, if that’s what you need to do.
We’re all unique … so when I see you, I work with you and not just your ‘issue’. Whilst it helps that I have worked with people who are bereaved, depressed, abused, directionless, stressed, divorced etc, each therapy is created afresh, tailor-made for you.
My top priority I have a number of aims when I meet someone for therapy, but top of the list is that during and after our first meeting you can say to yourself, ‘I think I can talk to this man’.

Expertise and Specialisms
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I have not ticked any boxes in the above category on this page because I believe that the success of my approach depends not on the ‘diagnosis’ or ‘problem area’ and more on the capacity of the two of us to form a useful therapeutic relationship within which we can explore your difficulties, needs feelings etc. I have worked with many individuals over the last 20 years and each person is unique. If you have a question, just give me a ring, and I’ll answer honestly.

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Why are these photos on my page here? If you go to my website you’ll see the context of them, and what I say about them.

BACP Senior Accredited Counsellor/Psychotherapist; BSc, Therapeutic Counselling
Anger Counselling, Anxiety, Depression, Grief and Loss, Sexuality, Suicidal Thoughts, Trauma, Work Stress and Burnout
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Money-Back Guarantee
If you decide during the first hour of the initial session that you don’t want to take it any further with me, we can part company at that point and you’ll owe me nothing. If you’ve already paid by then I’ll refund you. It may take you longer than one hour, or one session, to find out that I’m the therapist for you, but if you come to the conclusion that you can’t really talk to me then we can stop at that point. I won’t raise this issue: it’s up to you to do so during the first hour of our first meeting.

Sessions for individuals and couples
Regular weekly sessions last 50 minutes, and my fee for this is £71 per session in the daytime (until 6.00pm).
If your appointment starts at or after 6.00pm it costs £81.

The initial session lasts an hour and a half and costs £100.

Annual price review each January
My price for weekly sessions increases every January 1st in line with inflation.

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9:30 am - 9:00 pm
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9:30 am - 9:00 pm
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