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William Fley
Chichester, United Kingdom
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Breathespace 1st Sunday POC monthly group

for healing trauma,

Because we care,

Please note that the timing of the event allows for those residents in the USA to participate.

Sessions on Sunday will start at 6pm

(UK – GMT) (1am US – EST)

“When we live an embodied and integrated life, we can hold the essence of the Cosmos within us thus creating a life of love and connection to ourselves and with the world around us.”

We warmly invite you to join us as we create an inclusive community of practice for deepening our work ahead together. This event will be a closed, safe space, for People Of Colour to come together, heal, and be empowered. Together, through inquiry, talks and mindfulness practices, discussion, and sound energy healing and shamanism.

We explore heart-level intention to humanize personal and collective trauma.
We explore patterns around noticing, accepting, investigating and confronting bias and facing injustice – in our daily lives and the world.
We examine how mindfulness supports all of us, inwardly and outwardly, to create an equitable world without compromising equanimity, compassion and our experience of common humanity.
To raise awareness of trauma imprints and to lend context to experiences often pathologized rather than understood within a broader ecology of relationships and events.
Somatic (body-first) approaches are central in our healing and reconnection.

Spirituality, Trauma
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The gift of Intuitive sound and energy healing

By Muna Light & Usu’ra

Muna is a sound healer who has worked organically with her voice incorporating: crystal healing, sound baths, meditation, organic shamanism for over 25 years.She works with healing Hertz, vocal toning, crystal singing bowls, SomaEnergetics full-body tuning, other sound instruments, celestial realms and various other healing modalities.Integrating them as channelled through her, and as she works with you, her guides and yours to restore self-love and align you with your highest good. Healing at a cellular level and shifting energetic blocks or traumas that no longer serve you from your auric field inwards.

Usu’Ra is a Transformational Energy healer, Shamanic – Mesa Carrier – Practitioner & Healer, Medicine Storyteller, Teacher and Creative Wellbeing Facilitator. She works with individuals and groups to help shed the emotional loads and burdens that we have all been carrying for so long. Her work involves assisting the unravelling and releasing of the past, transforming the shadows into the light and bringing magic and joy back into our everyday lives through spiritual nourishment and connection to our own innate wisdom. From this place, she supports the learning and the opening up of a new dream – one full of health and healing, personal peace, joy, empowerment, gratitude, humour and love.

We open the doors at 5:45

We meet and Welcome you at 6:00

We share a our wisdom 6:30

Rest Break 7:45

Energy Healing with Muna And Usu’ra 8:00

Close 8:30

Please note that the timing of the event allows for those resident in the USA to participate.

Sessions on Sunday will start at 6pm

(UK – GMT) (1am US – EST)

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5:45 pm - 8:30 pm
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